Born in Casablanca (Morocco).

  After studying engineering in Paris, Georges Dayan worked during four years in advertising and then ventured out to South America and Asia.
Travelling with his camera, he worked as a guide, and started documenting and recording the life of people of the lands he stayed.
  He defines his photographic work as to document life ahead for man living with tragic conditions at the background of his existence: catastrophe, accident, political repression, forced migration, economic crisis, adverse climatic conditions, ecological change.
  As he involves himself in a project, his main concern is not to present the people as victims and is about what they will think if they see themselves in the pictures.
He picture them in simple daily life scenes and always take a good care that the people pictured should receive photos of themselves.
  He works on long time projects often personal, carefully prepared and documented.
  He received the Ist price of the Ilford Black and White Award in 1990, and since 1985 went to Tibet - occupied by China - for more than 10 years, to Chernobyl in early 1993 and to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia the next years to visit the populations of these devastated lands, later to the border of China and North Korea, then to Burma and Cuba, Mexico, and on...
  His work has appeared in European magazines like The London Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday (Sunday Review), The Telegraph Magazine, El Pais Semanal, D-La Repubblica and in France in Liberation, Telerama, Marie Claire, Le Monde, VSD, Vogue, Photo Reporter, Photographie Magazine, Courrier International.
  He works as a freelance photojournalist and live in Paris.