Chernobyl. Life ahead.

 On the 26th of April 1986, the reactor n°4 of the Chernobyl nuclear station exploded, rocking the world with the worst human and ecological disaster of all time. Since then the radiations are poisoning the life of about 8 millions people of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. From outside everything look surprisingly beautiful and serene but in these devastated lands nothing is normal anymore. In each piece of earth, in each breathe of the air a silent threat veil the existence of the people which has changed forever.
They are questioning like all the scientists of the world :"what is our future? What is the future of our children?" Because the accident is the first nuclear accident of humanity and there is no pasted experience, no reference.
For them, it is no question to forget.
And yet they have learned to live with the catastrophe, the invisible monster. They have learned to live ahead with their suffering, with a certain strength, a certain dignity.
Life goes on...