Chernobyl. Living with catastrophe.

= On the 26th April 2006 the reactor n°4 of the Chernobyl nuclear station exploded rocking the world with the worst human and ecological disaster of all time.
In the days that follow the catastrophe, Slavutich was built in a less contaminated ground to welcome the engineers and the employees of the station evacuated from Prypiat.
On 15th December 2000, almost 15 years after the catastrophe the last reactor of the station was closed down.
Fifteen years are nothing in the scale of radioactivity, which secondary effects can emerge up to two or three generations after. But for the engineers, the employees of the station living in Slavutich and the evacuees, the displaced, the fear of radioactivity has faded against the spectre of unemployment and misery. For these people now the concern is not how they may die from radioactivity but how they are going to feed themselves and their family.