Mexico. The Seris Indians of Sonora.
       "Those who live in the sand."

 Having survived to Hernan Cortez and the Conquistadors, the 500 Seri Indians - one of the smallest community living in the world today - are still living in the shadow of the customs and beliefs of their nomadic ancestors from the Rio Colorado.
Recently forced to settle (1960) on a territory, a "reservation", the small fishermen tribe live in two remaining coastal villages in the state of Sonora (northern Mexico), where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez.
The young and the old are fighting for not getting lost, to survive the new challenges (sedenterisation, ecological change, modernism) they have to face to preserve their culture and for them there is no question of american assimilation.

(In Yaqui language, Seris means "those who live in the sand").