The Ramnamis.

In the villages of Chhattisgarh in central India Ram, God, has been worshipped over the centuries. Meanwhile the Indian caste system prohibited the lower cast people from entering the village temple and idol worship.

A small group of Untouchables decided so to devote their entire life to their God, Ram, and express their devotion – their bhakti - by chanting and to tattoo his name all over their face and body.
They were named the Ramnamis.

But as the years passed and recently with the young moving to the cities the traditions have faded.
The Ramnamis are now no more than 1500.

The Ramnami Bhajan Mela which was the annual gathering where Ramnamis spread throughout hundred of villages of the state will come to chant and worship Ram with other members of the group has now turned into a big fair attracting the population rather as pastime.

Bhajans chanting which was the expression of the bhakti (devotion) and pujas (offerings) have now become only minor reflections of what was once a sacred festival.

Only remain the unaffected faith of the Ancients.